About Us



Platinum Springs Empowerment Foundation (PSEF) is a CROWD FUNDING FORCED MATRIX PLAN of 3x3, which has 7 Rungs. It is a non-profit Association, registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission Nigeria with RC No: 139022. Platinum Springs Empowerment Foundation (PSEF) is an online platform, where every individuals have opportunity to fulfill their financial needs and dreams. By networking, we gather people of like minds and vision for our Association, to create income opportunities for the enhancement of the financial status of members of the economic community.
Platinum Springs Empowerment Foundation (PSEF) is a Genuine and Strong Supporting Systematic Plan to elevate the poor and turn their financial fortunes around. It is an Association that stands on four dynamic pillars of operations: Discipline, Transparency, Honesty and Diligence.

We congratulate you in anticipation for taking advantage of this unique opportunity that will transport you to your desired financial destination. Here, you can realize and actualize your life long financial dreams, aspirations and ambitions seamlessly, which will guarantee your financial bliss.
Platinum Springs Empowerment Foundation gives you multiple opportunities to make money, raise your Living Standard, Develop your personality, inculcate Team Management Abilities and a positive attitude towards your life style and others.



  • How to build a part time business while keeping your present job.
  • How to increase your cash flow by donating little money without risking large amount of money
  • The truth about owning a business, the problems and what can be done.
  • How to generate capital for your business and personal project within the shortest period of time.
  • E-leveraging: how to generate cash flow using the Internet and your phones.
  • Prefer solution to unemployment
  • How to retire young and successful with multiple streams of income and win the money game for life
  • We help you create an exotic life style of your dream and can award you a brand new car


To build a community of young, successful entrepreneurs across the globe by connecting them to viable opportunities in a digital world


To provide unmatched innovation in entrepreneurship and provide a viable businesses and projects, earn extra income to cater for their needs and family and giving them all a sense of dignity that they make their own money and create their future today in this digital world.




To raise leaders that will take their destiny in their own hands and turn their financial fortune around


We thrive on outstanding performance


Genuineness and reliability


We are loyal to our foundation and dedicated to our vision/mission


We are committed to finding uncommon solutions to financial challenges on our journey